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5 Most Common Surgical Procedures

It is estimated that 234 million surgeries are performed each year worldwide. This means that 1 out of every 25 people will have a surgical procedure done each year. Having to undergo surgery may seem frightening, but if you have a painful condition that can be cured with surgery, it is beneficial to consider it. While no surgery is without risk, weighing out the benefits versus risks is a good way to make that kind of decision. 

Some surgical procedures are a lot more common than you may think, and doctors have successfully performed these procedures many times over. 


Thyroidectomy is the surgical removal of all or part of the thyroid gland, which is located in the front of the neck. The thyroid gland produces hormones that control all aspects of your metabolism. It affects your heart rate as well as how quickly you burn calories. A Thyroidectomy may be recommended as a treatment for thyroid cancer, goiter, or hyperthyroidism

Breast Biopsy

A biopsy is a procedure to remove a piece of tissue or a sample of cells for testing. It is also used to remove abnormal breast tissue. A biopsy may be done using a hollow needle to extract tissue, or a lump may be partially or completely removed for examination and/or treatment.


A mastectomy is the removal of all or part of the breast. Mastectomies are usually done to treat breast cancer. There are different types of mastectomies such as partial mastectomy, total mastectomy, or modified radical mastectomy. 

  • A partial (segmental) mastectomy involves the removal of the breast cancer and a larger portion of the normal breast tissue around the breast cancer.
  • A total (or simple) mastectomy is when the surgeon removes the entire breast, including the nipple, the areola, and most of the overlying skin, and may also remove some of the lymph nodes under the arm, also called the axillary lymph glands.
  • Modified radical mastectomy is when the surgeon removes the entire breast (including the nipple, the areola, and the overlying skin), some of the lymph nodes under the arm, and the lining over the chest muscles. In some cases, part of the chest wall muscles is also removed.

Partial Colectomy

A partial colectomy is the removal of part of the large intestine (colon) which may be done to treat colon cancer or inflammatory conditions such as ulcerative colitis or diverticulitis.


An appendectomy is the surgical removal of the appendix, a small tube that branches off the large intestine, to treat acute appendicitis. Appendicitis is the acute inflammation of this tube due to infection.

A medical professional informing you that you need surgery can be scary, but rest assured, you are in the right hands at Townsen Memorial Hospital and Emergency Room. Our skilled surgeons provide patients with the best quality surgical care and offer services in multiple medical specialties. Our facilities contain the most up-to-date medical technology, allowing our experienced surgeons to perform surgeries laparoscopically or with very minimal scarring. Our surgeons are dedicated to ensuring an efficient surgery and a smooth recovery, allowing you to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Townsen Memorial Hospital Is Here For You

At Townsen Memorial, safe, effective, and affordable care is our top priority. Therefore, we strive to provide the best patient experience across all Townsen Memorial affiliated sites. The high-quality care starts at our Emergency Room and carries on through our Imaging Centers, Surgery Centers, and up through our Townsen Memorial Hospital. Our medical sites are located in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas, to provide the best care to patients in and around Harris County. To learn more, visit our website or call 1-877-494-9487.

Revolutionizing Prostate Health: Introducing Aquablation Therapy at Townsen Memorial Health System

At Townsen Memorial Health System, our pledge to deliver individualized care for all patients is the cornerstone of everything we do. With a steadfast commitment to accessible, high-quality, patient-centered healthcare, we continuously seek to innovate and enhance our medical services. It is with great pride that we introduce the latest advancement in our surgical offerings – Aquablation Therapy Surgical Treatment for an enlarged prostate, otherwise known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), a testament to our dedication to excellence, innovation, and compassion in patient care.

What is Aquablation Therapy Surgical Treatment?

Aquablation therapy represents a groundbreaking approach in the treatment of BPH, an enlarged prostate condition that affects a significant number of men worldwide. Unlike traditional treatments, Aquablation therapy employs the precision of robotically controlled waterjets to remove prostate tissue efficiently, guided by real-time ultrasound imaging. This minimally invasive procedure is designed to target and treat the symptoms of BPH with unmatched precision, reducing the risk of side effects commonly associated with conventional methods.

Advantages Over Traditional Treatments

The introduction of Aquablation Therapy Surgical Treatment at Townsen Memorial Hospital brings forth a multitude of advantages over traditional BPH treatments. Key benefits include:

Precision and Safety

With real-time imaging and robotic control, Aquablation therapy offers a level of precision that significantly reduces the risk of complications and preserves sexual function, a common concern among men undergoing prostate surgery.

Faster Recovery Times

Patients can expect a quicker return to their daily activities, thanks to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure.

Effectiveness Across Various Prostate Sizes

Aquablation therapy is effective for a wide range of prostate sizes, offering a versatile solution for many patients.

Reduced Hospital Stay

The efficiency and safety of the procedure often result in shorter hospital stays, emphasizing our value of accommodating your healthcare needs swiftly and responsively.

No More Compromises: A Closer Look at Aquablation Therapy Benefits

We are thrilled to offer Aquablation therapy at Townsen Memorial Hospital because we recognize the profound impact BPH can have on a man's life. Many men find themselves having to compromise between inadequate symptom relief and the risk of significant side effects from traditional treatments. Aquablation therapy emerges as a pioneering solution, aiming to minimize these compromises, enabling men to regain their quality of life without sacrificing sexual function, which is a significant concern for many.

  • 83% of men with BPH are unwilling to compromise sexual function for symptom relief.
  • 75% believe surgery requires a trade-off between symptom relief and side effects.
  • 50% did not realize the importance of maintaining sexual function until faced with surgery options.

Addressing Concerns Over Side Effects

The decision to delay surgery often stems from concerns over potential side effects. Surveys indicate that 85% of men worry about surgery leading to incontinence, and 80% fear a permanent impact on sexual function. However, Aquablation therapy has demonstrated a significantly lower rate of irreversible complications in clinical studies:

  • Zero impact on erectile function, orgasmic function, sexual desire, intercourse satisfaction, or overall sexual satisfaction.
  • Approximately 90% of men preserve ejaculatory function post-Aquablation therapy.
  • 99% of men did not experience incontinence following the procedure.

Our Commitment to You

The introduction of Aquablation Therapy Surgical Treatment at Townsen Memorial Health System is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare through innovation, while maintaining the integrity and excellence that our patients deserve. We believe that everyone should have access to the latest treatments and technologies in their journey toward optimal health.

In line with our core values, we continue to embrace cutting-edge medical advancements to improve health outcomes and enhance the quality of life for our patients. Aquablation therapy is more than just a new treatment option; it's a symbol of our dedication to providing compassionate, quality, and patient-centered care.

For those seeking more information about Aquablation Therapy Surgical Treatment for BPH or to schedule a consultation, we invite you to contact Townsen Memorial Hospital. Let us help you navigate your health journey with the care, excellence, and innovation that you deserve.