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Houston Medical Services

As part of our mission to provide accessible and individualized healthcare, the Townsen Memorial Health System offers numerous services of the highest quality, including:
Bariatric Surgery

Weight-loss surgeries to promote long-term health, including gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy for sustainable results.


Procedures for digestive system health, from endoscopies to colorectal surgeries, ensuring optimal gastrointestinal function.

General Surgery

Comprehensive surgical care for various conditions, ranging from hernias to appendectomies, ensuring optimal health outcomes.


Specialized surgeries for women's health, including hysterectomies and minimally invasive procedures, promoting overall well-being.

Interventional Pain Management

Targeted procedures relieving chronic pain, using minimally invasive techniques for improved quality of life.

Orthopedic Extremity Surgery

Specialized surgeries addressing musculoskeletal issues in arms and legs, restoring function and mobility.


Ear, nose, and throat surgeries addressing issues like sinusitis, tonsillectomies, and hearing restoration for improved well-being.


Foot and ankle procedures for conditions like bunions or fractures, enhancing mobility and overall foot health.

Spine Surgery

Advanced surgical interventions for spinal conditions, ensuring relief from pain and restoring spine functionality.


Surgical solutions for urinary tract and reproductive system issues, enhancing urological health and overall quality of life.

Our Commitment To You

Townsen Memorial Health System is committed to excellence in providing you the best care, recovery, and quality of life.