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Townsen Memorial Hospital Launches New Emergency Room and Clinics

Houston Emergency Room and Clinics - Townsen Memorial Hospitals

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey left Humble Surgical Hospital under one and a half feet of water in the Fall of 2017. After nearly one year of renovations Humble Surgical Hospital has reopened as Townsen Memorial Hospital under new ownership and leadership, with It also comes the launch of its two new additional clinics and a 24/7 Emergency Room.

Houston, TX, August 2019 - After remodeling the hospital in 2018, Townsen Memorial Hospital has continued to grow, with the addition of two new clinics and an emergency room. The clinics boast new facilities, up to date medical technology, and highly regarded physicians and surgeons.

Among these distinguished medical professionals are Dr. Clifton Thomas, MD who is regarded as “Houston’s most beloved bariatric surgeon” as well as Dr. Mary Ann Spires, DC voted as one of Houston’s Top Doctors.

The newly established clinics can offer consultations to new patients, conservative treatments as well as surgical procedures ranging from Neurosurgery to Plastic Surgery. Townsen Memorial Clinics has recruited names such as Dr. Mark Khorsandi, MD – one of the few surgeons in Texas trained in migraine, hand, and microsurgery; Dr. Ronald Buczek, DO who specializes in plastic surgery as well as hand surgery and microvascular surgery; and Dr. Paul Kobza, MD a well established shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist surgeon.

Delicate surgeries like spinal and neurosurgery are also within the scope of the medical talent at Townsen Memorial Clinics. Dr. Kenneth J.H. Lee, MD  specializes in minimally invasive spinal surgery as does Dr. Gregory J. Elders, MD who has over 20 years of experience and completed his residency at the Highly Regarded Texas Back Institute. Also on the Townsen Memorial Clinics staff is Dr. Teodulo, MD  an anesthesiology specialist who has been practicing for more than 26 years and was previously the Chief of Neuro-anesthesiology at Memorial Herman Hospital. Dr. Aves also specializes in pain management, founding an organization for spinal pain management.

Besides surgical intervention, Townsen Memorial Clinics offer chiropractic, physical therapy, and wellness. Patient forms for new patients can be found on their website and filled out prior to your appointment, promising less time spent in a waiting room.

These three new facilities are a display of the growth Townsen Memorial Hospital has made since the remodeling and reopening after its facilities were destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. The damages done by the hurricane totaled approximately $7 million dollars.  Townsen Memorial aims to continue expanding their services, opening additional clinics and emergency room locations, in the coming years.

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